dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Now reading: Windflowers - Tamara McKinley

I got this book from my neighbor. She gave it to me so I could read it in the plain to Sweden. I already started, I couldn't wait. And I like the book a lot. In english it is called Windflowers, but I liked the dutch cover more. Tamara McKinley is an Australian writer, and almost all her books taking place in Australia.
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Where is Windflowers about?
Claire has left behind the harshness of life in the outback for college and a career in Sydney.  Estranged from her family, she is about to take up a position at a prestigious veterinary practice when her Great Aunt Aurelia summons her home to the family cattle station in Queensland.  Claire's relationship with her parents and sister has never been easy, and it is the reunion with her indomitable mother, Ellie, she dreads the most.  But coming from a long line of Warratah women famed for their grit and substance, Claire knows better than to shy away from a fight.Ellie accepts that a reconciliation with her eldest daughter is long overdue.  But to do so will mean she must face her own ghosts and reveal some of Warratah's more shameful secrets.  She only hopes her family is strong enough to survive the coming storm ...

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