donderdag 16 juni 2011


Here I am again! My weekend was very busy, I had a photoshoot at a friends house. She had to put some clothes on a picture, and I had to be model. That was very funny! 
I also cycled 240 km on one day! It was called the Elfstedentocht and the tour goes along the 11 towns of the province Friesland (The Netherlands). It was so nice to cycle, and I am very proud of mysels and of my boyfriend. We did it together!
About one hour I get the results of my final exams... I really hope that I will pass them! And then: PARTYY!!

Here one picture of the shoot, more to come!

♥ Picture made by Kitty Bertelink  ♥

4 opmerkingen:

  1. super leuke foto!
    & ik hoop dat je geslaagd bent!

  2. leuke foto! weet je al of je geslaagd bent?

  3. wat een leuke foto!!

    En?? Ben je geslaagd??


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