donderdag 21 april 2011

Watch the sunset at the beach

Today was a hot day again. I woke up very early, don't know why, and took my breakfast outside. I loved to see the sun come up. The rest of the day I didn't do a lot, and when I tried to do something I fell asleep, in the sun.
Later I cycled to my boyfriends house, and in a few minutes we will go to the beach with a lot of friends. He is so lucky that the beach is only 2 km away from his house! I will watch the sunset and think of a wonderfull day. And maybe take a paddle in the water.

  Picture from here

And now, while I am writing this, I hear a lot of birds and see the sun shine through the window. Just perfect.

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  1. Jij was ook heerlijk vrij? ik heb een soort van vakantie deze week! haha.
    jaloers dat jullie zo dicht bij het strand wonen! x


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