woensdag 13 april 2011

Keep the nerves

Help me, I am nervous! Tonight I have to play my piece of music for the concert night at school. I play the oboe, and I have to stand on the stage, all by myself! Alone! But luckily just for one piece.
This night is for everyone who has got music as an exam subject.
I am going to play two pieces. The first is a duet with a friend. She is playing the violin and we are going to play an old Irish folk song named Toss The Feathers. It is a very fast piece, and we are going to make a game of it, to play it as fast as possible. Here you can hear it.

The other piece I am going to play is a classical piece called Romanze from Carl Nielsen. He is a Danish composer. I played this piece for my music C exam of the conservatory. I played it than with a piano, but tonight it is going to be all solo! 

I will let you hear how it went, now I will go practise again. I want to have it perfect :)

Love ♥

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoe is het gegaan? Heb je er wel een beetje van kunnen genieten? Ondanks die zenuwen ;)

    Nog bedankt voor het stemmen! Lief van je :)

  2. hoe ging het? ik hoop goed!


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