maandag 4 april 2011

DIY: etui

IN an hour I am going off to school, I only have got a lesson from 3 till 4, so I am still sitting in pyjamas!  I had a very busy weekend, I had to make a lot of book reports for school. And of course I went to the 'keet'. That is a old mobile home where we have got our own place. There were a lot of friends and it was great.

This is what I made the other day. I knitted the outside layer, and the inside is a flower fabric I found in Odense, Denmark. I like the result, think I am going to make more.

♥ Pictures by me ♥

If you want this one, or an other one, let me know!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. aaawh wat leuk!! ik heb geen eens een etui, haha;p

  2. Wat een superidee! En mooi gedaan! Lijkt me echt leuk om te maken :D

  3. dankjewel voor je reactie! leuk gedaan dit! XX

  4. Heel leuk gedaan!
    N wat groter formaat (clutch) lijkt me ook leuk


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