woensdag 27 april 2011


When I was looking on the web for some nice ideas for my room, I saw this. A lovely honeycomb storage shelve. I love it, but unfortunately I have only one wall in my room witch is straight. The rest of my walls are slant. I just need a room with straight walls :)

The design duo Arrow & Apple are the creative brain behind this honeycomb, and I am a big fan of them!
♥ Pictures from here and here ♥
What do you think of it?

Love, Swaen

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Tag: If you say.. I say..

Sanne Wierda gave me a lovely tag. Thanks Sanne, I enjoyed making it :)

When you say warm, I say

Hot chocolate in winter, perfect way to stay warm.

When you say delicious, I say
This is the cake I want for my next birthday!

When you say hot, I say

When you say cute, I say
My boyfriend and I in the snow.

When you say fun, I say
Dancing a Hungarian dance with my dancing school.

When you say favourite, I say
Sailing on my boyfriends boat, love it in summer.

When you say dress, I say
Love those three dresses!

When you say red, I say
The colour of love, flowers and fruit!

When you say cell phone, I say 
He fell in the water once, but is still working!

When you say hungry, I say

When you say boring, I say

When you say wonderful, I say

When you say blogging, I say
So that is how it works!

Now I have to tag some lovely blogs. I choose Leonie from It's me: Leonie, Judith from la-Judith and Cecilia from FIMP.

Love, Swaen ♥

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donderdag 21 april 2011

Watch the sunset at the beach

Today was a hot day again. I woke up very early, don't know why, and took my breakfast outside. I loved to see the sun come up. The rest of the day I didn't do a lot, and when I tried to do something I fell asleep, in the sun.
Later I cycled to my boyfriends house, and in a few minutes we will go to the beach with a lot of friends. He is so lucky that the beach is only 2 km away from his house! I will watch the sunset and think of a wonderfull day. And maybe take a paddle in the water.

  Picture from here

And now, while I am writing this, I hear a lot of birds and see the sun shine through the window. Just perfect.

À la Maison Scotch...

Now that the sun is shining, I am in serious need of shorts! After hours and hours of googling, I finally found the webshop from Maison Scotch, a lovely Amsterdam-based brand. not that webshop was so hard to find, I just get distracted really easily ;)
After browsing about, I found out two things:
1. I want everything they've got.
2. It's really too expensive for my budget.
But still, I want to share my findings with you, so here are my favorite items:

 5 pockets straight leg jeans - 99,95
The Sleeve Collector shirt - 69,95

The Coolest Chino shorts - 69,95

Boyfriend Fit Shorts - 59,95

I'm having a hard time choosing between the two shorts. Which one should I pick?

woensdag 20 april 2011

Good evening

What a beautiful day we had today. It was over 24 degrees and I loved it. I was home at 13.00 and than I decided to change clothes and wear my bikini! I sat in the garden for 3 hours, reading, and I got a little bit sunburned, it hurts a bit. After dinner, witch was outside, I took some pictures of the sun. I really love this picture, it is the pear tree we've got in our garden. All the grass you see is also our garden, it is so big!

Now I will join my sister and I will help her folding the laundry.
How was your day? Love to hear from you!

Sun in the sky, I'm feeling good..

This post is brought to you by the lovely weather, a lack of homework, a lazy afternoon and last but not least: my garden. Yes, I really am posting this whilst lying in the grass. Thank god for the Blogger-app!
On yet another inspiring app named Tweetdeck, I saw that our lovely Swanhilde was too lazy or should I say 'occupied' to post something, so here is a little substitute-post!
I sincerely hope you have the same weather we've got!

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dinsdag 19 april 2011


♥ picture from here
Yay, we've reached the 100th blogpost on xxMieyou. Thank you all for the sweet messages, it gives so much joy to see that you've got readers who make some time for you.

Up to the 1000!

Love, Swaen and Laura

Walk, walk, fashion baby!

You all forgot about me, didn't you? ;)
Last week was probably the busiest week of my life. Not only did I have the same music-assignment-thingy that Swaen wrote about earlier, (7,5 aswel!) I had a fashionshow that needed some, if not all of my attention.
Said Swaen was one of the models, showing a dress that I had created within 20 minutes that very morning for the assignment 'speed-design'. The other themes were 'growth' and 'Jugenstil'. This is how the dresses turned out!

Growth (Fleur)                   Jugendstil (Jente & me)       Jugendstil in action     Speeddesign (Swanhilde & me)

So, I know I won't be a fashion designer any time soon, but what do you think?

zondag 17 april 2011

Scandinavian Market

Today I went to a Scandinavian Market at Schokland, here is a little photo impression of the day. I enjoyed it!

We were lucky, the weather was just beautiful, sunshine and a warm wind!

Nail of the day

 When I came home from church today I decided to paint my nail. Because, in church I watched them for one hour and I came to the conclusion that my nails were boring!
I used started with French Manicure White Coat - Hema, than I used Very Vernis, Rose Romantique 68 - Bourjois and I finished it with Long Lasting Nailpolish - Hema.
Every time I painted my nail a bit less than the time before. I like the result, it is looks like candy!

zaterdag 16 april 2011


I once bought a empty book so I could make an inspirational book of it. Here you see the front and a few pages I made. At first I thought that I would put fashion pictures in it, but I get much more inspiration out of landscapes and interiors.

So, what do you think of it? And are there some of you who have got a book like this?

In the garden

My mother has got such a beautiful garden, so I took my camera with me and made some pictures. 
The pink tulips are named after Gerbrand Kieft. He 'invented' the tulip. My mother likes that name, because my surname is also Kieft. I also love tulips. When I am working in the flower shop I always choose the tulips to make a bouquet or I put them in a vase.
Buttercups, this are my mothers favourites. So I brought her some! 

Grape hyacinth



What are your favourite flowers?

donderdag 14 april 2011

I did it!

AAAHH! It was a great evening yesterday! And my nerves were gone when I entered the hall. I had to play as the 14th of the 15, so I could listen to almost everybody. And I just went great. I was so relaxed when I started to play. 

♥ Picture by my mum ♥

O, and I had a great mark: a 7.5!
Now I will make myself ready for my dance performance this evening. I have to dance an Irish jig with my dance school. 
Love, Swaen