donderdag 27 januari 2011

My new..

... boots! I absolutely love them! A few day's ago I went in town, with my mom. I saw these shoes in the window and said to my mom: 'Aren't that nice shoes for you?' 'Well', she said. 'They look great! Lets try them on!'
So we did. They didn't fit my mom, so I'd tried them on. And it was like I was walking over roses. So I bought them! It was 50% off (Thank God for the January-Sale!) and my mom and I have split the costs! I love her, and I love the shoes!

 They are genuine leather, and they have got wool and fleece on the inside, so warm! Lovely!

♥ Pictures by me ♥
What do you think? You love them or hate them :)

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